Winter Is Coming

When you hear the term “winter is coming”__ _you might mistake it as a reference to the popular _A Game of Thrones.

In this particular case, though, we really are referring to the fact that winter is coming in Australia. Unlike this book turned programme though we have winter come around every twelve months, so it is important to be prepared for the cold.

Many of us like the idea of a crackling wood fire but most of us do not have ready access to the wood necessary to keep them crackling.

It can be quite damaging to the wildlife that abounds when people think it is okay to go for a walk in the bush and simply pick up logs to put on their fires. We have seen and been told about animals being displaced from their homes or even killed in the process of people cutting wood from roadsides and bushland. This is a selfish act.

So what can you do to get a fire crackling in your living room without destroying some animal or its home?

Ethically Sourced and Dried

The firewood that Bacchus Marsh & Redgum Centre supplies has been sourced ethically and dried appropriately so that you can relax and actually enjoy your warm fire knowing you have done the right thing.

Most people do not realise that to get a good fire you need to have wood that has been cut, split and left to dry until there is very little moisture content. 10%-20% is perfect.

Damp or green wood will certainly burn but it will smoke a lot – which again, is bad for the environment. Green and damp wood does not burn as hot either. This is because the heat is taken by the wood itself as the moisture is evaporated in the fire.

More or Less Heat

The other important fact to be mindful of is that different woods burn at different levels and produce more or less heat.

All wood burns but soft wood burns quickly and does not produce as much heat. This means your fire needs more regular attention and a higher amount of wood. This then means you need to store more wood.

A good solid hardwood such as the plantation grown split Redgum that we supply will burn hotter and slower, which means better warmth and comfort for your home and family at a fraction of the cost.


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