Vegetable Garden Woes

Having a vegetable patch is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your family.

We hear a lot of talk in the media about the benefits of organic gardening and if you have your own veggie patch then the chances are you want to do it as naturally as possible and avoid using synthetic chemicals.

The truth is that there are many things you can do without resorting to this drastic state. And Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre have a great line-up of tips and tricks to help you achieve the top results you dream of.

Getting Started

Now think about how a human body responds when it has nutritious food, a good night’s sleep, sunlight, and regular exercise and avoids stress.

If you get a little sniffle you might take some vitamin C or olive leaf extract and it goes away. You only get out the big gun antibiotics for really bad infections.

The same is true with your garden. There is no point in attacking it straight off the bat with the big guns if you can handle minor issues in a gentler way to avoid stressing the plants.

Garden Soil

The soil is your plants’ foundation. It is where your plants will get their nutrition from. It is important to add plenty of lovely compost, worms and mulch.

There are plenty of soil conditioners and fertilisers on the market that are safe to use on your vegetables. Just ask our friendly staff to steer you in the right direction when you are in the store.

A healthy plant will not attract pests or sickness.

Safe Watering

Keep the plants regularly watered but don’t water at night as this means there is a chance they will get root rot or fungus. Early morning is best for your plants.

Become an Observer

Not all creepy crawlies in your garden are pests. Some, in fact, are exactly what you need to gain a good crop as well as feast on the bad guys, so it is wise not to spray indiscriminately.

Ants can be a good indicator. You may think they are scurrying up and down your plant because it is going to rain but the truth is they may be feeding off the juices that a parasite secretes. Gross but true.

Controlling the Bad Guys

The truth is that the damage is usually caused by insects such as mites, slugs, snails, nematodes, cutworms and inchworms.

A sticky environment will go a long way to preventing these critters. You place it around the base of the plants on a plastic band. This will prevent their advance as they become stuck in it.

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