The Environment and You

We might be preaching to the converted, but we really cannot stress enough that everything we do should involve consideration of our environment.

Now, ‘environment’ can be taken in several ways, two of which are significant.

Environment – The Big Picture

When you consider the big picture in relation to the environment you may think of large factories that are spewing out smog and rubbish into the air, emptying into our seas or just leaving debris in a landfill.

You would be surprised to know that you, the little guy, may be funding some of this noxious industry and you can make a difference.

How would you like to be part of a movement of individuals who make a difference? You don’t have to go and stand on a picket line or donate huge amounts of money. You just need to make good buying choices.

Environment – Bringing It In

When you think of the term ‘environment’ you can also interpret it as to how and where you live. These two alone will control your thoughts and outcomes without you even realising it.

Bringing the term ‘environment’ into your own world can be as simple as creating a space of beauty. A space that is useable—a space to live.

How can you balance this environment, with caring for the outer environment?

Make Ethical Choices

Any self-serving greenie and certainly any business that is enfolded in an industry that contributes to creating homes and communities such as Bacchus Marsh & Redgum Garden Centre knows and understands we must preserve mother earth and her resources.

There are many products on the market that have been ethically grown and sourced and we stock a wide range of these products. We can help you make choices that will enhance and add value to your property, as well as, that can also work hand in hand with preserving our world’s environment.

Plantation wood and firewood is a good place to start. We provide quality dry wood for building and burning. Other places to search for ethical products are the mulches, gravel, and rock for your gardens.

Is the river rock you like so much ethically sourced or illegally dredged from a creek somewhere? Is there a more ethical, environmentally friendly choice?

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer all these questions and more. Come in, check out our amazing range of products and see for yourself how you can start saving the world today!

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