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Making a Good First Impression

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Many of our customers come into Bacchus Marsh & Redgum Garden Centre asking for a great budget idea to help spruce up their garden.

Winter is a great time of the year to take a little more time in the garden. It’s not as hot so your outdoor areas may not be used as much. There will be less traffic to worry about during the spruce up phase. When you are working within any budget we like to remember the ATorM method. Access, Trim or replace, Mulch.


Whether your front door is in an obvious spot or not it is really nice to have a clearly defined pathway to get to it. This may be something as simple as a pathway made with broken concrete tiles. They go further than you think when used this way. Ask us if we have any seconds in stock to save even more.

All you need to do is dig out the area where you want the pathway to go. Just enough to house the concrete pieces and a little sand if necessary. Place the pieces in a jigsaw-like pattern and then just back fill around them with sand or soil and plantings to match, and voila! New pathway.

Trim or Replace

Have a good look at the plants in the area that you want to work on. Are they healthy looking? If not, will a bit of TLC help or do they need replacing? Trim back where necessary if you think they are in good condition. Even transplant if necessary.

If you decide that the existing plants are beyond help, then thank them for their service and replace them with something new.

The addition of a good soil enhancer is just the trick to kick start new or existing plants into action. Just have a chat with one of our friendly team about your particular soil type and plants; we will come up with the right mix for you.


Mulch is the number one thing you can do for your garden. It protects the soil from the environment. It slows down the growth of weeds. It can absorb and hold water. It breaks down and feeds the plants.

A well mulched garden does not need a lot of attention. It is not completely task-free, but you can do much with little when your garden is protected this way.

A freshly mulched garden just looks better and gives off that whole sense of comfort and care.

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Winter Is Coming

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When you hear the term “winter is coming”__ _you might mistake it as a reference to the popular _A Game of Thrones.

In this particular case, though, we really are referring to the fact that winter is coming in Australia. Unlike this book turned programme though we have winter come around every twelve months, so it is important to be prepared for the cold.

Many of us like the idea of a crackling wood fire but most of us do not have ready access to the wood necessary to keep them crackling.

It can be quite damaging to the wildlife that abounds when people think it is okay to go for a walk in the bush and simply pick up logs to put on their fires. We have seen and been told about animals being displaced from their homes or even killed in the process of people cutting wood from roadsides and bushland. This is a selfish act.

So what can you do to get a fire crackling in your living room without destroying some animal or its home?

Ethically Sourced and Dried

The firewood that Bacchus Marsh & Redgum Centre supplies has been sourced ethically and dried appropriately so that you can relax and actually enjoy your warm fire knowing you have done the right thing.

Most people do not realise that to get a good fire you need to have wood that has been cut, split and left to dry until there is very little moisture content. 10%-20% is perfect.

Damp or green wood will certainly burn but it will smoke a lot – which again, is bad for the environment. Green and damp wood does not burn as hot either. This is because the heat is taken by the wood itself as the moisture is evaporated in the fire.

More or Less Heat

The other important fact to be mindful of is that different woods burn at different levels and produce more or less heat.

All wood burns but soft wood burns quickly and does not produce as much heat. This means your fire needs more regular attention and a higher amount of wood. This then means you need to store more wood.

A good solid hardwood such as the plantation grown split Redgum that we supply will burn hotter and slower, which means better warmth and comfort for your home and family at a fraction of the cost.


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Sandy Loam Soil – What are the Alternatives?

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You may have read our article about the uses and benefits of sandy loam soil to the garden.

This article outlines what sandy loam soil is and what you need to do to help get your own garden soil to this condition, which is the most popular growing medium.

If you want to grow plants that thrive in this particular soil then by all means, come visit us here at Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre. Our staff members have the know-how to create any blend you need to get your garden blooming.

Today, however, we want to share with you the alternatives that can be equally satisfying.

Sandy or Clay Soil

There are many beautiful plants that you can grow in these soil mediums.

In a clay soil, you can grow asters, goldenrod, daylily, yarrow, canna or black-eyed Susan with ease.

In a sandy soil broccoli, asparagus, crape myrtle, lavender, gazania, and cleome will thrive.

If you do not have a set idea of how you want your garden to look or what you want to grow then you will be safe to select plants that grow in the type of soil you are blessed with. By doing this, you may also be contributing to your community as these plants have a good chance of being native to the area.

Freeing You Up For Other Projects!

Choosing to work with what you have will free up your time to move on to other projects such as creating rock or paved pathways, garden edging and retaining walls. Maybe even that Balinese hut or outdoor spa you have been dreaming of.

Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre stocks a complete range of drainage and decorative rocks ranging from the 20mm Tuscan pebble or rainbow rock all the way through to large 120mm granite.

The sand also comes in a variety of grades to suit any job.

Our Adbri masonry range of pavers comes in an assortment of styles and colours.

We also supply a large range of reinforced mesh, a variety of cement and mortars, and many tradesman’s tools to suit just about any DIY or commercial job.

Come in and visit our friendly and knowledgeable team. Their wide knowledge base will not only get you on the road to creating your own pathways, walls, and edging but can also save you time and effort as we share some tips of the trade, so to speak.

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Vegetable Garden Woes

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Having a vegetable patch is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your family.

We hear a lot of talk in the media about the benefits of organic gardening and if you have your own veggie patch then the chances are you want to do it as naturally as possible and avoid using synthetic chemicals.

The truth is that there are many things you can do without resorting to this drastic state. And Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre have a great line-up of tips and tricks to help you achieve the top results you dream of.

Getting Started

Now think about how a human body responds when it has nutritious food, a good night’s sleep, sunlight, and regular exercise and avoids stress.

If you get a little sniffle you might take some vitamin C or olive leaf extract and it goes away. You only get out the big gun antibiotics for really bad infections.

The same is true with your garden. There is no point in attacking it straight off the bat with the big guns if you can handle minor issues in a gentler way to avoid stressing the plants.

Garden Soil

The soil is your plants’ foundation. It is where your plants will get their nutrition from. It is important to add plenty of lovely compost, worms and mulch.

There are plenty of soil conditioners and fertilisers on the market that are safe to use on your vegetables. Just ask our friendly staff to steer you in the right direction when you are in the store.

A healthy plant will not attract pests or sickness.

Safe Watering

Keep the plants regularly watered but don’t water at night as this means there is a chance they will get root rot or fungus. Early morning is best for your plants.

Become an Observer

Not all creepy crawlies in your garden are pests. Some, in fact, are exactly what you need to gain a good crop as well as feast on the bad guys, so it is wise not to spray indiscriminately.

Ants can be a good indicator. You may think they are scurrying up and down your plant because it is going to rain but the truth is they may be feeding off the juices that a parasite secretes. Gross but true.

Controlling the Bad Guys

The truth is that the damage is usually caused by insects such as mites, slugs, snails, nematodes, cutworms and inchworms.

A sticky environment will go a long way to preventing these critters. You place it around the base of the plants on a plastic band. This will prevent their advance as they become stuck in it.

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Looking For Landscape, Garden, Building and Concrete Supplies?

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Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre P/L is a locally owned and operated business supplying building and garden supplies to the trade and the local domestic market.

With over 50 years experience combined in the industry, we are sure we can help you with whatever you may need.

We offer prompt, same day delivery and a friendly service that you just can’t beat including:

  • A wide range of garden, building and concrete products.
  • Friendly service and advice with same day delivery service.
  • A large fleet of trucks, so we are able to provide clients with prompt deliveries.
  • Seasonal firewood.
  • Sand
  • Pebbles
  • Wood chips

Firewood Needed to Keep Winter Chills at Bay

If you are looking for warmth and comfort in the cold winter months, look no further than the Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre where supplies of split redgum are ample and readily available. Our customers want reliable supplies of firewood, especially for those early mornings when the frost crackles underfoot and the chill winds find their way through the tiniest crevice and into their homes.

Keeping the inside of the home warm on such days requires a handy supply of dry wood. To get the most effective heating capabilities, wood should be dried to 10% to 20% moisture content. While green wood will certainly burn, a large part of the energy generated from burning green wood is consumed in evaporating the moisture held in the wood. The best quality firewood is cut, split and stacked in a dry, well ventilated area for a few months before it is used.

Minimise Negative Environmental Effects

Does your conventional wood heater comply with Australian Standard AS4013? If it does, you can freely burn timber without feeling guilty about the environment. Dry wood is low in sulphur emissions and leaves little ash residue when burnt in a compliant wood heater. Dry wood is also easier to split and easier to ignite.

As a renewable energy source, plantation firewood is excellent because it re-grows readily with many species shooting quickly from the cut stumps. There is an argument to be made that burning plantation firewood is carbon neutral provided the timber is regrown, as the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere from burning the timber is neutralised by the same amount of CO2 being absorbed by the next growth of trees.

Plantation Timber a Renewable Resource

This is good news for anyone worried about the effect their wood heater is having on the environment. Everyone wants to be warm and comfortable during winter, and relaxing at home around a wood fire is one of the best ways to do that. It is not relaxing if you feel guilty every time you stoke it, so knowing that using plantation timber is environmentally responsible should see you well stocked with split redgum for the long winter ahead.

A hardwood like split redgum is much denser than soft wood and gives off more energy. The Bacchus Marsh and Redgum Garden Centre prefer split redgum for its desirable properties, and are waiting to take your order for your winter supply.


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