Protecting Your Plants

Whether you are a keen gardener or just someone who wants your garden to look good, you are going to have to make an effort to improve the soil in the garden. Plants need soil that is easily able to drain, is rich in nutrients and that can retain some moisture.

Even the temperature of the soil affects how well your plants will flourish. In order to get a better handle on all these aspects, especially in a warm, sunny country like ours, you need to use mulch.


What is Mulch?

The best mulch is made up from organic material that is completely biodegradable – such as wood chips, leaves or newspaper – that has been shredded for ease of use. The mulch is spread on top of the soil, in-between the plants that you are protecting. For this to be effective, it should be approximately 5 cm thick.


The Benefits

Natural sources of bulk, such as wood chips, straw or leaves, will eventually decompose and add nutrients to the soil. This also assists in keeping the soil more loose, thus making it easier for roots to spread. Even while decomposing, it will still help to retain moisture.

Moisture retention is an integral part of keeping your garden green and healthy. The Australian summer can be pretty hard on plants and so keeping the soil moist without mulch is a lot more difficult. The roots of the plant are also kept cooler with mulch; it allows them to grow stronger and build a better resistance to disease.

Mulch also cushions the soil from the impact of rain water and thus helps to reduce soil erosion. Because of its excellent moisture retention properties, you will not need to water your garden as much. You do, however, need to be careful not to let the mulch touch the stems of plants or they could rot.

Using mulch in conjunction with nutrient-rich sand such as marsh sand is ideal to get your garden in tip-top shape. You just need to remember that you will need to top up the mulch from time to time to maintain its benefit.


For More Information

If you are looking for mulching supplies or other gardening and landscaping supplies, you should call on Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre. With years of experience in the gardening industry, these experts have seen it all. The friendly team at Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre will help you to choose the exact solution for you.

Visit today for all your gardening needs.


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