Landscaping Tips for Beginners

A great home will not be complete without a beautifully designed garden. Many homeowners depend on the services of a professional landscape designer to realise the garden they have in mind. But for DIY enthusiasts, it is possible to make a great looking garden without having to go to a professional designer. It can be quite fulfilling to work with the garden and dirtying one’s hands, digging the soil, planting and installing garden items.

Beginners are sure to be overwhelmed by the choices available to them that they will not know where to start. Here are some tips for people wanting to start their own garden.

Make a Plan

Before doing the dirty, make a solid plan for the garden. This can be done by first listing down the spaces that are desired for the garden area. For example, does the family want to have something like a patio as an addition to the house? Or perhaps, a gazebo can be accommodated and the homeowner wants to have that sophisticated piece in the garden.

Maybe the family wants to incorporate a fountain or a water feature in the garden or a place where groups can sit around and enjoy each other’s company. The wish list items will help the newbie landscaper to come up with a plan.

Make Small Changes

Beginners should not stress themselves to finish the garden right away. Make small changes at a time. It may take years for the entire garden to be completed. Besides, plants need time to grow.

Consider Orientation

One of the most important things to consider when doing landscape design is the orientation, particularly, the east and west orientation. The western side will get the hottest time of the day, so it is important that shady trees or canopies are erected on this side of the garden. Try not to place important spaces like patios on the west side, unless there are solutions to reduce the heat during the hottest afternoons of summer.

Have a Central Point

When creating a garden, it is important to make a focal point that can be the central piece of the design. Use a sculpture to realise this or a fountain with sitting areas. All the other elements can be made to emanate and harmonise with the central point of interest.

Beginners can also seek help from a trusted name in landscaping. Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre can help the beginner by providing top quality landscape supplies. To find out more, visit Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre’s website.

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