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What You Need To Know About Australian Standard AS4013

Burning wood

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During the cooler months of the year, we often feel the pinch of the cold, and we are drawn to heating our spaces and places by any means necessary. Often the most pleasing way to do so is by burning wood, using a wood heater, which brings both the warmth of natural wood as well as the pleasant aromas that accompany this mode of heating. As many of us are aware, we have been burning wood for centuries without too much regulation, but like many things in the world of today, this too has become an area where things are being regulated. As a result, it is important that we are aware of whether our wood heater complies with Australian Safety standards.

The Science behind It

Scientists have been doing a bit of research and discovered that smoke from wood heaters has some distinct elements that include the unburnt fuel that goes into the atmosphere as well as some pollution, which can lead to respiratory conditions if inhaled. They tell us that minimising the wood smoke pollution by ensuring that your wood burning heater complies with the AS4013 will be beneficial to everyone, including your hip pocket.

Choosing the Right Wood Heater

A key inspiration for the Australian Standard is likely to do with the quality of some of the wood heaters that are now on the market. Manufacturing cheap products might work for some companies who save themselves money by not adhering to the Australian Safety Standards, but it will not do you any favours in the long run. Also, you could be contributing to your own ill-health. According to the Consumers Federation of Australia, it was found that in the smoke that is emitted from burning wood, there can be small particles that when inhaled are able to breach the lung lining and end up in the blood stream. Additionally, they found that there might often be other chemicals that end up in the blood stream, which could be detrimental to your health.

Minimising Harm

Thankfully, there are ways of reducing the likelihood of these health risks so it is important to research thoroughly the product you are buying, or talk to an expert who knows more than you do, such as one of our friendly staff at Bacchus Marsh & Redgum Garden Centre. One way of reducing the risk of chemicals getting from the wood into your blood stream is through using wood that is dry, as well as opening the air controls on the device for around 15 minutes after you have put in more wood. It is recommended to buy a wood heater that conforms to the AS4013, as well as choosing one that is more fuel efficient.

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