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Aesthetic And Functional Benefits Of Using Natural Materials In Landscaping

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If you are looking to landscape your property and are considering what materials to use, choosing natural materials can be an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to approach landscaping. During recent years, permaculture principles have become an important part of gardening for people everywhere, and there are definitely advantages in going the natural way and saving you money, while providing a natural look for your garden.

Utilise the Existing Lay of the Land

Permaculture principles guide us to mimic nature when planning how we will utilise the land that we are landscaping. This means using what is there, and adding to it, rather than completely overhauling the land and starting from the beginning. There may be a gorgeous old tree that could become a feature of your property, adding colour and life to the landscape of your natural garden.

Reduce Costs

Using natural materials can really reduce costs. An example is with the use of water. A key element in natural landscaping is the addition of a water feature of some sort. Having water as an aspect of the landscape design mirrors the surrounding areas but often can be costly if using pumps; these can break down and need repair. One way to reduce costs by using natural materials in your water feature is through planting natural biofilters around your water feature, as an alternative to pumps. To do this you would have gravel beds with indigenous plants to self-cleanse the water to reduce algae. If you have trees that need to be cut down, these can be chipped to provide valuable cover for maintaining moisture in garden beds.

Attract More Flora and Fauna

Using natural materials in your landscaping attracts more flora and fauna to make your garden their home, which assists with maintaining the natural ecosystem. Native plants will attract more birds and bees to your garden, which serves an important function for pollinating all sorts of different plants, including your vegetables. As you will notice when you visit Bacchus Marsh and Redgum Garden Centre, the more natural your garden is, the more you will want to be there relaxing and enjoying it.

Sustainable Products

Humans are becoming more conscious of their impact upon the world they live in, with sustainability being an important part of decision making processes. Using natural materials in landscaping is a far reaching decision that allows for more sustainable practices beyond your own garden, and into the wider world.

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Is Your Garden Bland? Increase The Interest Level With Natural Materials

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For centuries, gardens have been created to enhance the appearance of homes and buildings, large and small. From well-planned, formal and structured to rambling and free-spirited, gardens have been a very visual way of expressing creativity and providing a natural environment for us to enjoy.

Gardens Need More Than Plants to be Interesting

Regardless of the types of garden we all have, there is always room for improvement. An attractive garden isn’t just about what plants or shrubs we have planted, but about the overall appearance and the ambiance that it creates. To get the right look and feel for a particular area or climate, gardeners often include ponds, water features, seating areas and other interesting items such as pebbles and rocks.

In fact, the use of landscaping materials like rocks of various sizes, polished river pebbles and natural stone has given the modern garden an extra dimension. Careful placement of these pieces offer a contrast between their stark beauty and the soft and colourful effect of flowers and foliage.

Stones, Rocks and Pebbles Mirror the Natural Environment

Customers of Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre see our range of decorative rocks and many of them return with sketches of their gardens. They can choose from three sizes of Tuscan pebbles and granite, and a range of scoria, white pebbles, rainbow rock, river rock and lightweight rock. Our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice on the best type of rocks for the designs they have sketched.

Japanese Gardens – Peaceful Perfection

While rocks and pebbles have always been a part of garden designs in most parts of the world, it was the Japanese who brought their appreciation of rocks and their placement to the Western world. A walk through a genuine Japanese garden is a path to tranquility. There are no excesses of colour or mixing of styles or anything that is out of place.

Every piece is placed carefully to complement its surroundings and every rock serves the purpose of creating a three-dimensional picture individual to each garden. Placement is vital and great care is taken, especially with large rocks, to give the impression that they have been naturally dispersed in a random fashion. The effect is one of balance and harmony.

The Best of Both Worlds Together in Harmony

Home gardeners have incorporated the best of these ideas into their creations, with waterfalls, pebble gardens, statues and ponds all featuring alongside our lovely native plants. The natives attract our beautiful birds and the local wildlife find the rocks, pebbles and other landscaping materials a great place to hide from predators.

If you want a space like this in your back yard, we have all the rocks, pebbles and natural materials you need.

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A Simple Solution To Garden Maintenance

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Many home owners these days are busy with work, family and other interests that make this the most time-poor generation in history. The days when gardening was a favourite pursuit for most people are long gone. Lazy weekends tending to garden beds have been replaced by frenetic activities such as driving children to and from sport, shopping and catching up with friends.

Too Busy to Garden? Let Someone Else Do It

This change in work/life balance, while being unwelcome for those affected, has seen a big demand for other people to do their household tasks, including gardening. Rather than sit back and watch their neat gardens and yards become a tangled mess, ultra-busy home-owners are hiring professional gardeners.

We have become aware of this trend over the past few years, as more and more professional gardeners are now regular customers of ours. They enjoy the convenience of pulling into our yard at the Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre on their way to a job, and loading up with the things they need.

Extra Time – Fun Weekends

For home owners, there are several advantages to handing over the care of their lawns and gardens to professionals. The most obvious one is the extra time they have to spend with family and friends, or enjoying other activities. They can look forward to the weekend with excitement, have fun doing something interesting and start the working week refreshed and relaxed.

Professional Know-how

Professional gardeners also know the types of plants that are suitable for the local areas where they work. They identify shrubs that are struggling, not because of lack of care, but because they are just unsuitable for the location. When they replace these with something that will thrive naturally, they are saving the owners time and money trying to keep plants alive that will always struggle.

Clean ups, Rubbish Removal and Re-landscaping

Landscaping features like bird baths, fountains, statues and rocks can become shabby over time, needing cleaning, painting or relocating to another spot in the garden. A professional gardener will remove anything that is beyond saving and dispose of it to local council requirements. Pruning shrubs, lopping tree branches and other infrequent tasks can also be negotiated with a professional.

Lawns Mowed – Pests Despatched

Professional gardeners do much more than just mow lawns. They also keep garden pests and plant diseases under control through regular inspections, cutting back infested areas, and dealing with major outbreaks. Because this is their livelihood, they know the best products to use while being careful of the environmental and health effects.

Home owners who have experienced the advantages of having a professional look after their yards tell us that they now enjoy their weekends. They still drop in to buy something new that has caught their eye, but they leave the item for the gardener to install or plant.

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Create A Garden That Will Surprise Everyone – Even You!

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There is nothing like a newly created garden to update an old-fashioned front yard, or to create a relaxing space outside the back door. It is also the perfect opportunity to unleash that creative streak lying dormant within you. It isn’t difficult, but there are some basic steps to take for the best results.

What Type of Garden will it Be?

Once, it would have been enough to pick a spot, turn over the soil with a shovel and throw in some flower seeds. Nowadays that simply will not do, so to get an outcome that will knock the socks off the neighbours, start with a firm decision about the type of garden you wish to create. Will it be a formal, structured affair with plants in neat rows, or will it ramble unconstrained and encroach onto the lawn?

The answer to this question will determine the course of the whole project including the types of plants and the landscaping features to be used. At this point, we suggest a visit to Bacchus March Redgum and Garden Centre. We have a comprehensive range of decorative rocks, several varieties of mulch, a number of different soils and toppings and experienced staff members who will offer advice and share their knowledge.

Put Your Creative Thoughts on Paper

The next step is to sketch out a rough plan of how the garden should look when it is finished. This is where the home gardener can demonstrate that creative streak mentioned earlier. The plan should include things like overall size, number and placement of features like a birdbath or pond, the style of edging if any, and of course, the number and type of plants.

Prepare the Soil

Next, mark out the perimeter of the garden bed, and remove any grass and weeds from inside it. Now it is time to prepare the soil and this could be a good time to ask for assistance from our staff. Plants will not thrive in unsuitable soils. We have sandy loams, triple mix and mushroom composts to enrich any soil, however poor, readily available at our premises.

Choose the Best Plants for the Location

Researching the right type of plants for your conditions can be done at any stage but most certainly before any planting is done. For the inexperienced gardener, a good rule of thumb is to use plants that are indigenous to the local area. They evolved there, thrived in the local climate, and make for an easy maintenance garden. Other plants may also do well but understand that they will need more attention.

Feed, weed and water regularly, maintain the right environment and you will soon have a place of beauty to show off your creative skills.

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Tips for Low Maintenance Landscaping

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Landscaping can considerably increase the value of a property. This is rightly so as people naturally want to enjoy some fresh air sometimes. A well-landscaped area can also provide a valuable extension to the house and can be the perfect area for receiving and entertaining guests. But landscaping can be so high maintenance that it ends up receiving a big portion of the monthly budget.

There are some tricks and smart moves that can be done to keep a low maintenance landscaped garden. Here are a few tips on minimising the maintenance work for the garden.

Use Lawn Alternatives

Most of the maintenance work done in landscaped areas is typically centred on the lawn. Grass needs to be watered regularly to keep it healthy. It needs to be cut when it gets too high. Grass is not low maintenance so it will be good to look for alternatives to grass. There are many groundcovers that can provide better cover on the ground.

Using other groundcovers other than grass may actually improve the look of the garden. There are different colours to choose from and most of them do not require much attention to grow healthily. To minimise the maintenance work on lawns, it would be good to use grass only on areas where people will actually be walking or running around. Other than those areas, alternative groundcovers are more appropriate.

Automatic Sprinklers

The homeowner can set up automatic sprinklers in the garden. The sprinkler would detect if the soil is too dry and needs watering.


Xeriscape is an ingenious way of landscaping an area without regular watering. Simply put, xeriscape is dry landscaping, similar to the concept of a desert landscape design. To implement this, the homeowner can use plant materials that do not require a lot of water. A good example would be cactus plants. This kind of landscape design is perfect for people who do not want to spend too much for sprinklers and water.

Make Good Use of Mulch

Mulch can do so much to minimise the maintenance requirements of a garden. Mulch can help the soil retain water such that the frequency of watering is minimised. Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre, a provider of the best landscape supplies, carries different types of mulches, including tree mulch, pine chips, pine mulch, pine bark and red mulch.

Mulching materials from Bacchus Marsh Redgum & Garden Centre can be placed around plants to keep the soil moist and protected from evaporation.


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Protecting Your Plants

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Whether you are a keen gardener or just someone who wants your garden to look good, you are going to have to make an effort to improve the soil in the garden. Plants need soil that is easily able to drain, is rich in nutrients and that can retain some moisture.

Even the temperature of the soil affects how well your plants will flourish. In order to get a better handle on all these aspects, especially in a warm, sunny country like ours, you need to use mulch.


What is Mulch?

The best mulch is made up from organic material that is completely biodegradable – such as wood chips, leaves or newspaper – that has been shredded for ease of use. The mulch is spread on top of the soil, in-between the plants that you are protecting. For this to be effective, it should be approximately 5 cm thick.


The Benefits

Natural sources of bulk, such as wood chips, straw or leaves, will eventually decompose and add nutrients to the soil. This also assists in keeping the soil more loose, thus making it easier for roots to spread. Even while decomposing, it will still help to retain moisture.

Moisture retention is an integral part of keeping your garden green and healthy. The Australian summer can be pretty hard on plants and so keeping the soil moist without mulch is a lot more difficult. The roots of the plant are also kept cooler with mulch; it allows them to grow stronger and build a better resistance to disease.

Mulch also cushions the soil from the impact of rain water and thus helps to reduce soil erosion. Because of its excellent moisture retention properties, you will not need to water your garden as much. You do, however, need to be careful not to let the mulch touch the stems of plants or they could rot.

Using mulch in conjunction with nutrient-rich sand such as marsh sand is ideal to get your garden in tip-top shape. You just need to remember that you will need to top up the mulch from time to time to maintain its benefit.


For More Information

If you are looking for mulching supplies or other gardening and landscaping supplies, you should call on Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre. With years of experience in the gardening industry, these experts have seen it all. The friendly team at Bacchus Marsh Redgum and Garden Centre will help you to choose the exact solution for you.

Visit today for all your gardening needs.


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Inviting Gardens Enhance your Home

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Beautiful gardens are a coveted item for many homes. Quite often the reason for buying a home as opposed to a townhouse or unit is so that there is a space outdoors that the resident can spend time in on their time off from the rest of the world.

If you are currently in the process of planning a breathtaking and tranquil garden that you can call your very own piece of heaven away from the rest of the world, then you should seek out the advice of a well established and knowledgeable garden supplies expert.

There are many benefits to gain from adding a garden to your home and it is important to get the best advice available. Gardens add a wonderful feel to your home and greatly improve the aesthetic appeal to the residents, visitors and even passersby. Have you seen a home with a yard that is completely bare and you have mentally noted how sparse and run down it looks? The truth is, a home without a garden does not look as inviting and livable as one that does.

For this reason, your home becomes more inviting to visitors and if you were ever to put your property up for sale, a garden increases the value of your home, simply because from the outside, it looks good. There are a few tricks to consider when planning your garden and a great many ideas you can consider that may or may not be perfect for you. Here are a few things to think about:


Even in the same city, weather and soil conditions can be different from one side of town to the other. Some places may get more rain than others and the quality of soil can vary greatly. Be sure you choose plants that will flourish not struggle in the area where you live.


You may want the garden, but are you a green thumb? If the answer is yes and you are prepared to spend every weekend tending your garden this will certainly make your garden selection different to if you answered no. If you did answer no then you should go for a low maintenance garden with hardy plants that require little love.


Planning a lush, green tropical paradise is all well and good but different garden products and plants can be more expensive than others. Get the right advice and discuss what will best suit your needs as well as your hip pocket.

When you visit your local Landscape Supplies Bacchus Marsh, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you want the end result to be a garden you truly love, do your investigations first so you are not stuck with something you can’t manage.

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